The University of Houston chapter of the National Society of Black Engineers is a body of driven, passionate students who recognize the value of community and collaboration in the pursuit of academic, social, and professional excellence.

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Freshmen Bowling Event

To show our commitment to growing and developing new engineering talent at UH, UHNSBE hosted a freshmen retention event aimed at connecting young engineers to their more seasoned peers and beginning the process of growing a 6% black freshman engineering class at the University of Houston.

Message From The President

Dear Members & Friends,

I envision NSBE at the University of Houston as the epicenter for black engineering talent across the nation. My vision entails intentional programming that will help our chapter remain the most exceptional large chapter in the US. These programs will be focused on the development of youth in the surrounding communities and the retention of 1st and 2nd year black students in the college of engineering, thus raising the graduation percentage of undergraduate and graduate black engineers. The 2017-2018 school year excites me as we seek to “grow the pipeline” of black students that will enter and finish engineering due to our expanded efforts in the community and at the University of Houston.


President Jameel Jordan