The Henry Foundation

The Henry Foundation Logo

The Henry Foundation was founded on the value of bringing motivation to those who work hard and need the extra push to keep going amidst all the financial struggles and work restrictions surrounding international students. The Henry Foundation (THF) is a privately funded project in collaboration with NSBE at the University of Houston.  The foundation’s goal is to award multiple scholarships to UH NSBE international students. With this scholarship opportunity, THF hopes to alleviate the isolated feeling that some international students have expressed and together rise as one NSBE, regardless of the geological differences that may exist.

About the Founder

During his final semester of the Masters Program at the University of Houston, Henry Egejuru sought for ways to impact the lives of those he met. As an international student, Mr. Egejuru tackled the challenges so commonly faced by many international students. Through his challenges and passion to help others, THF was born.

Henry has his Bachelors degree in Mechanical Engineering. He has now graduated with his Masters degree in Subsea Engineering and is working in the Automotive Industry with future interests in the Oil and  Gas Industry

Henry is heavily supported in this initiative by his long time friend and former Coog, Mukhtar Mustapha. He has worked alongside Henry to make THF a reality. 


Applications open August 1st and are due by November 1st. Scholarships will be awarded at our Fall Banquet.

Please email if there are any questions or concerns.