Graduate Social

Calhoun’s Rooftop was lit Wednesday evening as NSBE’s graduate students gathered for a social!

First General Body Meeting

Fresh off the career fair, UHNSBE held our first General Body Meeting, sponsored by Emerson. We saw a great turnout, and the night was packed with lots of information, opportunities to volunteer, and giveaways!

NSBE Scholarship Banquet

To wrap up the year, UHNSBE headed out to The WhiteHall to celebrate the year’s accomplishments, recognize outstanding members, and welcome the new Chapter Executive Board.

Make a Sandwich

Early Saturday morning, UHNSBE members gathered to make sandwiches for the local third ward community.

A Walk For Education

Early Saturday morning, UHNSBE headed out to the Finnigan Park Community Center to participate in the Walk For Education. We headed into the surrounding neighborhood to distribute university pamphlets and talk to the youth, spreading the word about STEM opportunities.

Cat’s Back

As the school year began, UHNSBE made its presence known on campus at Cat’s Back by reaching out to young black engineers and offering more information about how to plug into this great organization.